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Mission Statement

We’re a defiant new faction that has broken off from the world at large. We oppose the status quo across entertainment, commerce, and technology and work to change culture for the better through multiple brands. New Faction harnesses the strength of a single, forward-thinking team and shared corporate resources for consistent quality and unprecedented cross-industry execution of new products and services.



Killian Wells is a renaissance man in a truly twenty-first-century way. A multi-hyphenate millennial entrepreneur, Killian boasts a wide spectrum of accomplishments that few people have had at such a young age.


Killian has performed on stage at the famed Webster Hall in New York City, recorded with chart-topping music artists and producers, had his art prominently exhibited at Somerset House in London, and secured numerous patents and trademarks (with more pending) after independently learning IP law. Killian has appeared on the covers of magazines and had his edgy photography used for catalog covers and advertising. Killian’s also produced, directed, and starred in music videos that have appeared globally on MTV, HBO, bpm:tv, and VEVO and produced a highly lauded ad campaign featuring superstar Flo Rida, which received worldwide attention from celebrities and media outlets.


Killian has spoken to influencer hopefuls as a Playlist Live panelist on the topic of personal branding, and he’s been quoted in publications such as Complex (on the topic of intellectual property), Entrepreneur (on the challenges of cannabis branding), and Adweek (about perfume and marketing). Killian was one of the first artists to bring major product placements to indie music, including being the first to ever feature Instagram in a music video before its acquisition by Facebook.


An openly gay entrepreneur, Killian quickly led Xyrena to become recognized as a trailblazing cosmetic brand with a high standard for business ethics and an emphasis on the inclusion of LGBTQ individuals, animal rights, and environmentally friendly packaging. In 2016, alongside brands such as Vonage and IAC Applications, Xyrena was awarded a Communitas Leadership Award for ethical and environmental responsibility.


Killian is a Grammy-voting member of The Recording Academy and is active on social media with verified accounts as a public figure. In 2018, Killian received the Hollywood Tastemakers Award for his work across various industries and mediums.


Killian is an animal lover and an advocate for human rights. A New York native, Killian now resides in Los Angeles with his three dogs: Diesel, Hudson, and Stella.


The 28-year-old is wonderfully eccentric. He likes to think of himself as doing for the beauty world what Andy Warhol did for art, though he seems rather more Damien Hirst. -The Telegraph
Killian Wells is a legitimate perfumer, and campy genius. -Enchante Fragrance

TODD NYSTROM - VP, Inferno Records

Todd Nystrom started his successful musical career in the ʼ90s as one of the top session saxophonists on the east coast, playing with countless popular artists. Todd transitioned into songwriting and producing by joining the team of superstar Manuel Seal, eventually going on to independently produce for artists such as Flo Rida, Kristina DeBarge, and Color Me Badd, as well as producing chart-topping hits for Radio Disney stars on Johnny Wright’s label. Todd frequently collaborates with Killian Wells under the production team Sir Killian & Christof.


Todd is the VP of Inferno Records, overseeing production and development.

Our Brands



Xyrena® is a rebellious LA-based fragrance house and cosmetics brand known for its avant-garde celebrity collaborations (including those with Trixie Mattel and the estate of Aaliyah) and transportive scents such as Dark Ride, Shutter, and Cinemaniac, which come housed in custom retro VHS-style cases. Xyrena also launched the Reefer Madness® collection of scents inspired by popular marijuana strains such as Blue Dream® and OG Kush®, for which Xyrena holds some of the only federally recognized cannabis-related trademarks. Xyrena exemplifies the Hollywood lifestyle – opulent, eccentric, and innovative.


Xyrena® is the first celebrity-partnered on-demand fragrance house to be certified vegan and cruelty-free by Leaping Bunny® and PETA’s Beauty Without Bunnies.


Xyrena was named the Best New International Brand and won the Best New Design and Packaging Award at the 2016 Pure Beauty Awards.


Xyrena received two of eight Best Celebrity Fragrance nominations in the 2016 Basenotes Reader Awards (for Aaliyah by Xyrena and Andy Kaufman Milk & Cookies by Xyrena) alongside ARI by Ariana Grande, RiRi by Rihanna, and David Beckham Beyond.


In January 2019 Xyrena is launching Glamboo®, an innovative makeup primer and setting/fixing spray which uses bamboo extract instead of pore-clogging silicone.


Xyrena is making a splash. -Daily Mail
The most iconoclast, fun, youthful, edgy perfume brand at the moment. -Fragrantica

Record Label & Publishing


Inferno Records® is one of the few indie labels to have direct distribution with Apple’s iTunes. Inferno is also distributed by INgrooves (part of Universal Music Group) for all other outlets (Amazon, Spotify, etc.).


Inferno is the in-house music label and publisher for Social Currency Ventures, which offers production, distribution, A&R, and marketing exclusively to SCV members. With a focus on pop, dance, and hip-hop, Inferno has produced music that has been used by American Airlines, Hollister, Wal-Mart, H&M, Claire’s, Staples, and other major brands.


SCV is excited to offer its roster access to Inferno’s vast network of relationships with industry professionals and resources for seamless, successful music releases with the flexibility and creative control of an indie label but the resources and visibility potential of a major. Our innovative business model and artist-first approach gives influencers the freedom of fair, transparent, non-exclusive record and distribution deals on a per-project basis so their music can receive extensive pushes and reach far beyond self-managed releases (i.e., TuneCore and CD Baby). SCV’s platform also adds the potential of streamlined record promotion and content integration by fellow SCV members across social media.





Social Currency Ventures® (SCV) is an invite-only membership-based organization for top influencers and celebrities. SCV features CloutCredit™, which is the only affinity program for influencers and brands—offering pre-negotiated deals for deep discounts and free merchandise/services. SCV has also developed the first brokerage model (with a group calculation formula) for influencers to trade social capital (promotion) in exchange for equity in startups.


All services (and agreements) offered by SCV can be accessed and easily executed in seconds using the member dashboard. With a background in product placements and as a verified public figure across social media, Killian Wells is uniquely positioned to onboard both brands and influencers to Social Currency.


SCV is in private beta and its growing member roster collectively has over 2 million followers and 72 million video views.




Video content isn’t the future—it’s the present. By far, the most popular category is health and beauty, with makeup gurus and reviewers boasting some of the most consistent views across the net. Going beyond simple content creation like that of other beauty brands, Xyrena is launching a curated video-zine and the first full-featured social media site for the health, beauty, and fitness community.


While YouTube is unarguably the “king of video,” its cluttered and inconsistent presentation leaves much to be desired, particularly for the beauty community, whose viewership tends to value clean and attractive design in both the physical and digital realms.


GlamTube allows users to search and discover videos in subcategories such as artists, brands, and genres (such as tutorials and reviews). GlamTube also offers desktop and mobile browser push notifications when new video content is posted.


Users can register for a free GlamTube account, build a profile complete with a vanity Glam.Tube URL, and share photos via Instagram and connect with members throughout the site by having discussions directly on video posts (with mentions similar to Facebook), direct messaging, and more. GlamTube users can enjoy a clean presentation of only the highest quality beauty content with the added benefit of interaction with like-minded members of the community, void of the dreaded internet trolls.


The site is moderated independently, and all new users are required to verify their account via a one-time SMS passcode. In a single, click users can also easily share GlamTube content with friends and followers via Twitter, Facebook (and Messenger), Tumblr, SMS/iMessage, WhatsApp, and more.


Advertising on GlamTube isn’t limited to Xyrena—it will be offered to all health, beauty, and fitness brands. Targeted ad options include banners, sponsored videos/posts/topics, and verified brand profiles. Select GlamTube partners will have the ability to automatically push content to the curated platform when videos are published on their channels (i.e., YouTube) to increase viewership and exposure.




Thanks to the brand new drink mixer XUVO®, there’s now an easy and portable way to get a quality energy boost without overloading your body with sugar.


A breakthrough in mixology that took three years of research and development has resulted in the world’s first and only line of blacklight-reactive cocktail mixers and pre-workout supplements. XUVO is specially formulated to produce neon-colored glowing effects under ultraviolet blacklight, literally making your drink light up whether you’re out at a club or hanging out at home.


XUVO (pronounced ZOO-VOH) is an effervescent (fizzy) drink tablet containing the same power of a canned energy drink only much healthier and more portable. A tube of eight tablets fits nicely in your pocket or gym bag.


Simply adding a XUVO tablet to a mix of eight ounces of water and liquor (or just water for a virgin cocktail or pre-workout) starts the carbonation process, instantly infusing your drink with energy-boosting ingredients such as caffeine, taurine, guarana, and B vitamins, all the while containing only nine calories or fewer per serving.


XUVO is available in Neon Mojito™, Midnight Blueberry Lemonade™, Orange Buzz™, Cosmic Apple™, and Electric Blue Hawaiian™.


The combined energy drink and alcoholic beverage markets are worth over $420 billion in the US alone.

Radical innovation in the almost religiously untouched cocktail mixer category. -Euromonitor
This tablet will make your drink look radioactively awesome… EDM generation, unite in happiness. -Wired Magazine

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